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Ingenious Switzerland, a platform for the worldwide promotion of Swiss architecture, engineering and design.

Ingenious Switzerland

Project direction and president of the association


April 2009 – March 2011

Against the background of the economic crisis of 2008, the public authorities commissioned NWA to identify sectors of activity with the potential to become export markets. Following a preliminary period of academic, political and economic analysis and consultation, NWA established a concept aimed at proposing the development and promotion of the export of services relating to architecture, engineering and design, three areas of Swiss expertise that have gained international recognition.

After the concept had been approved, NWA developed the business plan and working model necessary to its successful implementation.

A platform was created, managed by a private sector association, the aim of which is to promote Swiss architecture, engineering and design throughout the world in two different ways: by bringing its members into contact with potential clients and partners on an international level, and by facilitating the export of services and products.

Jobs in Switzerland (in the architectural, engineering and design services sectors)
CHF 18 billion

Strategic management of complex projects
Conduite stratégique de projets complexes